Web based relay output modules are flexible and easy to use solutions. They allow you to trigger a remote relay device from any location through a standard web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Web based relay output devices feature a web server for configuration, monitoring and control. Modbus TCP communication over Ethernet provides for easy use with SCADA and other monitoring and control software through drivers.

Ethernet based data acquisition modules can be communicable keluaran hk  over Modbus TCP protocol. ET-7060 for example has 6 power relay outputs and 6 Wet Contact (Sink, Source) digital input channels that support +10Vdc to 50Vdc on voltage levels. Different users with passwords can be configured through the web HMI (Human Machine Interface). You can control access to the module through IP filters. You can restrict access to any unauthorized IP addresses. You can also allow hosts within a specific IP address range. ET-7060 supports I/O pairing so you can configure it through the web HMI so the input on one module can trigger the output on another.

Some Ethernet based data acquisition devices are powered over the Ethernet cable. They can be connected by an Ethernet cable to a Power over Ethernet switch like NS-205PSE. PET-7060 can be powered over Ethernet or with 12 – 48 VDC auxiliary power. NS-205PSE provides up to 15.4 watts of power per port. PET-7060 has the same web HMI, Modbus TCP and I/O features as ET-7060.

Configurable Ethernet based data acquisition controllers like WISE-7160 can be powered over Ethernet or with 12 – 48 VDC auxiliary power. They can be configured to implement up to 36 IF- Then Else If type control logic conditions through a web page. WISE-7160 can be configured to trigger a relay based on an input. It has 48 internal registers to hold temporary read/write data via Modbus TCP address. Up to 12 timers can be set up to provide timing and delay functions. WISE-7160 can be configured to send email messages based on conditions. WISE-7160 has the same Modbus TCP and I/O features as ET-7060 and PET-7060.

Web based relay output modules allow flexibility and convenience. They provide a web server for interfacing with remote relay devices. They can interface with SCADA or other software through Modbus TCP drivers. They can be accessed through a web page interface. Other analog and digital configurations are also available.