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Adhere to Your Paper Cutting Needs With an Electric Paper Cutter

Electric paper cutters are designed to cut large quantities of paper efficiently and precisely. Many of the models come with added safety features to prevent accidental injuries. Electric paper cutters utilize a unique laser technology that ensures a more accurate cut than other manual models. As with most office equipment, these come in a variety of models for various prices. From automatic and semi-automatic to floor standing and desktop models, there are many types and styles to choose from.

Most models are perfect for large quantities of paper cutting needs. Some electric cutters can precisely cut stacks of paper up to three inches thick. In fact, many brands have the capabilities of cutting through an entire ream at once. Each has a capacity limit, so prospective buyers should definitely check with this first. Also, the width and depth of certain equipment can affect its cutting capacity and should be checked before purchase to make sure it meets the office needs. The width and the depth is also an indicator of what type of projects the model is capable of performing.

These cutters come with a variety of amenities and safety functions. Typically, this type of equipment should come with a safety shield or some barrier to keep debris from escaping or fingers from entering the cutting vessel. If the cutter does not come with a safety shield, then it should come with a laser trigger that automatically turns the machine off when a finger crosses. These laser triggers can be a bit easier to use without the obstructing safety shield. Also, many paper cutters come with several push buttons or special safety buttons that ensure the operator does not inadvertently cut their fingers. These push buttons ensure that the machine can only operate with two hands. It is not advisable to purchase one that does not have these plywood sheets added safety functions.

Such functions include LED screens, push-buttons, and self sharpening blades. Not only are they incredible easy to use and convenient, but they also come in automatic and semi-automatic capabilities. The LED screens are extremely convenient for selecting different functions and sorting through the settings. The LED screen and unique laser technology ensure that the apparatus provides a more precise and efficient cut. This is one of the major advantages of purchasing an electric over a manual. Another useful function is the memory function that saves the settings.

Almost as important as the paper cutting capacity is the speed of cutting. However, the speed can significantly be reduced with an increase in quantity needing to be cut. Cutting speed can also be increased by selecting the appropriate settings on the LED screen.

Some models also come in automatic and semi-automatic capabilities. The difference between these cutters is convenience. A fully automatic electric paper cutter will bind, adjust, and cut automatically based on pre-set functions. A semi-automatic version will have some manual input in either the binding or adjusting of the settings and functions.

An electric paper cutter is an extremely beneficial piece of office equipment. From large projects to small mail-outs, the uses of the machinery are endless. Businesses tend to choose electric over a manual because of the speed and accuracy. When efficiency and precision are conducive to profitability, an electric paper cutter is a great option to help with professional appearances and project work.

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