Buying clothes for a dog might seem a bit strange to some people, but there are actually some very good reasons why you should consider splashing out on some stylish apparel for your pet. Coats, in particular, offer excellent protection from extreme weather and can help prevent some of the most common ailments that afflict your treasured Powdercoating companion, helping to keep down vets bills. At the same time, a quality coat can be a fantastic fashion accessory that gives a dog its own unique sense of style.

But how do you find out about the different types of dog coat available and their benefits? While there is a huge range of different coats available, covering a myriad of shapes, styles and sizes, you’ll find that dog coats usually fall into one of three general categories:

Waterproof coats are essentially designed to keep dogs dry. Regularly taking a waterproof coat out with you on rainy winter walks will stop your dog from bringing unwanted moisture into the house, means that when you get home you won’t have to worry as much about damp carpets or the dog rubbing itself against furniture to get dry.

A waterproof coat is also very beneficial for your pet’s health. Not only will it help prevent colds, it’s better for older dogs who suffer from joint pains. A dog that’s cold and damp from the rain is likely to feel pains flare up, so a waterproof coat could prove essential and keep your dog happy.

Cold Weather Coats
Cold weather coats are intended to protect dogs from the adverse effects of miserable weather. However, cold weather coats go further because they’re designed to keep the dog’s body heat at a normal level even in the coldest conditions. Quilted coats, for example, contain air pockets that trap the heat generated by the dog’s body, effectively insulating the dog and providing extra warmth. What’s more, these types of coat often have attractive patterns or designs, meaning that they are a perfect marriage of fashion and function.

Hot Weather Coats
While you might think that a coat would be the last thing that a dog would want to wear in hot weather, a hot weather coat can be really beneficial. Long walks in the summer sun can leave dogs feeling dehydrated and exhausted. Cooling coats work by drawing the heat out of the dog’s body, allowing regulation of body temperature that keeps the dog cool, calm and collected. This means that the dog will become far less agitated in hot conditions, which will make it happier and healthier in the long term.