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Australia Offers Immense Parttime Employment Opportunities for International Students

Australia is a heaven for international students. The reasons for this are the student friendly environment of this country and the wide variety of courses offered by it. The future for students here is quite rosy. There is going to be an annual growth rate of 25-30% in the number of students that are going to arrive in this country in the coming years. The professors in universities in Australia are also quite approachable and ready to answer the queries of students. The Australian professors make strenuous efforts to see that the students are satisfied with their efforts.

The courses that are in demand are the science and engineering courses along with vocational courses also. The country also offers various part-time, earning opportunities for students. 海外留學  The students can earn good amounts of up to 28 to 32$ per hour. The pay rates are also good for students who opt to work in the hospitality industry, in various jobs such as serving tables and they end up making 14 to 21 Australian dollars. In Australia, part-time workers can receive payments for all the hours, that are devoted to work, by them, whether it’s in business meetings, training or after shift hours.

There are many reasons for students to study in Australia. The students can get more information about the pay scales available to them through the pay and conditions tool (PACT) available on Australian government’s Fairwork website.

The students just need to keep some considerations in mind for example, whether they need to buy special apparel for their jobs or not. There are two types of job opportunities which are available for students in this country, casual vs. part-time jobs. Under the part-time category of jobs, the number of hours to be devoted to the job is, fixed. There are other privileges associated with such jobs such as annual and sick leaves.

The casual jobs don’t have any fixed number of hours of work in a week and the employee is also not privileged to receive any annual and sick leaves.

The employee should also be aware of his occupational pay rates so that he can’t get exploited in his job. He should also have knowledge about his work rights. The employees are paid depending on their occupational awards, which in turn depends on their profession. For example, a waiter who is working in the hospitality industry under the category of sub-industry Accommodation, hotels or gaming has the award code MA000009. So, as per this award code, the pay scale which is applicable is 11.34 Australian dollars per hour (approximately equal to 576 rupees) which also depends on your years of experience as a cooking apprentice, your age (whether it’s below 21) and the Australian region where you are working (Southern/Western Australia).



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