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Cat Scratching Posts and Cat Trees – A Real Treat for Your Feline

In the past, cat scratching posts used to be too big and unattractive. They took too much space and didn’t match the interior at all. Thus, many cat owners didn’t want to purchase cat scratching posts and didn’t have enough room to place them. Nowadays, things have changed. The lack of this product means that soon or later your believed cat will start scratching your furniture and the damage will be really big.

Many cat owners don’t take into account the fact that domesticated cats belong to a family of predators. The characteristics of this family include climbing, running, catching prey, and scratching. Even if domestic cats are nice and loving, they still maintain their wild nature and have natural needs and instincts. In order to fulfill these needs, you need to provide your pet with all necessary items, such as a litter tray, a scratching post, toy, dishes, etc. Don’t forget that your cat also need love, attention and affection.

Felines have sharp claws that help them survive in the wild. However, these claws have to be kept sharp and clean, and cats do this with scratching. But scratching is also a way for felines to exercise and stretch. There is nothing you can do to stop your cat from scratching. The best alternative is to provide your pet with a scratching post or a cat tree. In this way the cat will have a perfect scratching post and won’t damage your furniture.

Some cat owners cut their felines’ claws to avoid furniture damage. Before you decide to undertake such a procedure, you should know that it is very painful and it has numerous negative side effects. The removal of the claws may make your pet very nervous and unhappy. Claws have vital importance for the perfect health of a cat. If you want the best for your pet, you should purchase a scratching post or a cat tree. These pieces of cat furniture will provide your feline with a private place maine coon kittens for sale near me for scratching, playing and exercising.

Pet shops offer a great variety of cat post and cat trees, so you can find the one that is most appropriate for your needs and preferences. There are basic models and more luxurious pieces. Typically, cat scratching posts are made of wood and are covered with carpet or sisal. They come in different shapes and sizes, colours and styles. You can get a traditional post or purchase a unique and interesting one. It all depends on your budget, preferences and requirements.

If your space is limited, you can choose a smaller post. Cat owners who have a larger area may decide to buy a big cat tree for their pet. Cat trees are more complex constructions with playing and rest areas. Your cat will no doubt enjoy having such a piece of furniture. Most of the scratching posts and cat trees can be adjusted in height and this is a very convenient option. There are models of cat trees that come with toys in order to provide perfect entertainment for your feline.

Unique cat castles are also available for cat owners who are eager to take one step further. They come in pink and black; they have removable plush cushions and provide great comfort for your feline friend. No matter what kind of cat scratching post or cat tree you choose, you should keep in mind that your cat has some natural needs that have to be satisfied. A cat should have a private place to scratch, stretch, play and exercise, and the post is ideal for these purposes.

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