Many people are drawn to cats by the way they look, but it is very important to remember that your cat will likely be living with you for over a decade. You will be living with the complete cat, with many good things, and some bad. You will be living with his temperament, his energy, and behavior, and not just his looks. Choosing a cat by his hair or eye color would be just as silly as choosing a spouse that way.

Use a cat’s physical looks as only one trait to consider. You may want a cat to be gentle around children, or tolerant of your dog. You may be looking for a cat that is active and playful, or one that is calm and gentle. If you make the wrong decision, it is the cat who will suffer the most.

Here are some things to take into account when choosing your cat:

Kitten or Adult Cat?

When people think about adding a cat to their lives, the first thing hairless cat for sale they think of is a kitten. You have a tiny little ball of fur that loves to play all the time.

For some people, however, a grown cat is a much better option. If you might get tired of having your feet attacked, or if you worry that your kids will not be gentle enough with a kitten, or if you do not want to worry what the kitten is doing every night while you sleep, then an adult cat might be a better option.

Male or Female Cat?

Male and female cats make equally good pets, but if not neutered, the adult male cat will begin spraying their own special pheromone-spiked urine, or marking his territory. They also roam the neighborhood and frequently fight. The female cat that is not spayed will roam the neighborhood looking for a mate while in heat, and will make plenty of noise doing so.

If you plan on spaying or neutering your cat right away, then both sexes make equally good pets in most situations. And if you are looking to buy a pedigreed kitten, then a male is all that might be offered for sale.

Does the Cat Shed?

Almost every breed of cat sheds to some degree. The only breeds that do not are the hairless varieties. Even some hairless breeds leave some fine down on your clothes. Some cat breeds shed more than others, however, and that should be taken as consideration. If you really can not stand cat fur on furniture or clothes, then you should re-think owning a cat.

Should You Get a Pedigreed Cat?

Although most cat owners do not own pedigreed cats, there are still some people who own only the purebred animals. Some people appreciate different cat breeds for their particular look and beauty. Some people prefer cats with long coats, while others prefer short hair.

A pedigreed cat is also a little bit more predictable because it generally has certain personality traits that are exclusive to its breed. For example, some breeds make quite a bit of noise, while others are so quiet you can not tell they are around sometimes. Still, every individual cat has its own personality.