Conversational Hypnosis has been taking the world of Communication Training by storm, because it is made up of by far the most effective new persuasive techniques that anyone has come up with in a long time. Originally created by a Master Hypnosis Practitioner, Conversational Hypnosis continues to be developed and added to by other gifted Hypnotists and Communications Trainers.

Say you’re planning a vacation with your partner and you’ve yet to come to agreement about where to go. You approach him or her with a new idea, and after you tell them the name of the place you like, you say: Tech New Master

“One of the things you’re really going to love about Palm Island Resort is that all the rooms open directly onto the beach!”

Now, that simple fact is pretty enticing to begin with — to anyone who likes beaches — but consider the structure of the sentence:

1) “One of the things” uses what hypnotists call “presupposition” by assuming that there are several things that “you’re really going to love”. This has two advantages. The obvious one is that the subconscious gets the message that there are all these things it’s going to love — God only knows how many, there could be dozens!

2) “One of the things”, by being slightly non-specific, diverts some attention away from the particular thing that you specify in the rest of the sentence. In a weird kind of way, it’s confusing because, for example, if the person isn’t particularly thrilled by the thing that you’re pointing out, it doesn’t matter as much because there are all these other, exciting, unspecified things that “you’re going to love.” The mind loves a mystery, so even the simple fact that it doesn’t yet know anything at all about those other things is enough to add a little zing to it.

With all persuasive techniques, delivery is everything, and Conversational Hypnosis is no exception. Ingenious wordings delivered in a nasty or indifferent tone will get you nowhere, no matter how high-tech your persuasive techniques are. Take care to state your case in a way that the other person will enjoy hearing, and you will be amazed by the response you get!