In order to break down the complex processes of any substance there is need to change the matter of the state enabling for easy operations. Increasing the temperature of body may also change the state of matter. Many things are present on the layer of the earth which cannot be consumed as the way they are. Few eatables, for example are prepared before consumption. They cannot be eaten in the raw state. Likewise, things around us are made using one or the other raw materials which are first molded or shaped to obtain the desire shapes. There are various plastics objects which are present around us given different shapes so that they can be used for many applications.

Induction furnace are to be acknowledged to increase the temperature of high tensile strength Iron and steel. Both of these are hard but are used extensively for both commercial Whole Melt Extracts as well domestic applications. The furnaces can fully extract the potential out of the metals.

Use of conductive mode of heating or induction heat which is brought into constructed by engaging the metal, after wards which is made to pass through the induction melting furnace. This method is proceeded by positioning the metal in a crucible water cool AC current coil which is solenoid. The process is clean and energy-efficient. The induction furnace is also opted due to flexibility, as the melting process is totally under control.

In contemporary times, where the concern for the environment have rose up very high and in such era melting furnaces are boon. These are environment friendly and produce less pollutants. This being the reason that many old equipments are now being replaced with innovative induction melting furnace.

Chemical assessment and chemical compositions of the input metals are first studied. The care is taken that the chemical analysis should first be performed before feeding the metal into the furnace. The metal is tested on the basis of carbon percentage after the completion of 80% of the procedure. This is mandatory to perform this as error can be avoided. As this method can be used for achieving the results with desired chemical compositions.