The majority of individual’s who are judgmental about a scenario become entangled within that same web. Humanity constantly dwells upon fearful drama games, they focus on things that are outside of themselves, they are filled with agendas and due to mass consciousness influences their woven web becomes a grander story.

As their awareness expands they will realize that they are trapped in their story-web, and they have taken the hard road. Once they are caught up in their web of life they have no idea of how to get out of it, except keep searching for an easier path. An easier life will never come when they keep focusing on things that do not empower them and if they are too afraid to discern what they are feeling and cannot get out of their comfort zone to make a new choice.

The web of life, being tapped within a story-web of problems, issues and challenges can be broken down into 3 primary categories.

1. Hesitate to let go of drama story games
2. Story is not set in concrete
3. Love Drama

Let’s take a look at each individual category:

1. Hesitate to let go of drama story games – A drama is an exciting event that gets you sucked into that scenario. Drama is a way for you to get a thrill, to remind you that you are alive and choose to experience something exciting. Your story defines your character, your life of who you think you are. You think you were born into a certain cultural family that has certain characteristics and attributes and that you have inherited those conditions. That is your masquerade story and your story is the game that you are playing now in your reality landscape.

2. Story is not set in concrete – Unbeknown to you, up to now you think that you cannot change your story, that the person you think you are is fixed and set in concrete with certain attributes, qualities, traits and skills. Up until now, the reason why you cannot let go of your drama games and create a change is due to being stuck in mass consciousness. You buy into other people’s dramas; you get involved in their issues and then take them on as your own to try to solve them. When you realize that you are experiencing something that you don’t want, you no only don’t know how to get out of it, but you are fearful of change and you are frightened of the unknown, because you do not want to step out of your comfort zone.

3. Love Drama – Why don’t you want to step out of your comfort zone? It  Dramacool  is because you love your story, you love drama. Drama makes you feel alive, it makes you feel worthy and it is easier to blame others for your adversities; otherwise you would get out of your comfort zone. Who will read a newspaper with only good news, or watch a TV program that has no competition or morbid, immoral or violent actions? The love of drama keeps you from letting go of drama, it stops you from letting go of your story of who you think you are and so you hesitate to move forward because you don’t know what kind of experience will come in, if you let go of the one you already know.

To be willing to let go of your masquerade story and the drama games of mass consciousness is to be able to step out of the mind. The mind doesn’t know beyond what it knows and it is fearful of change, so in order to step out of the mind, is to take your focus off the external dramas and place your attention on you, your internal energy balance on what you want in the present moment.