Questing in World of WarCraft is one of the most important elements in the game since its release. To enjoy all aspects of the game, understand the story more, participate in epic boss battles, and get some fine items and coins, every World of WarCraft quest counts.

Every World of Warcraft quest involves a series of tasks or missions that are given by NPCs and normally have rewards in the forum of gold, items, and/or experience points. Many of the completed quests lead to follow up quests forming a quest chain. As you progress through the World of WarCraft quest chain, you’ll encounter increasingly difficult and exciting challenges.

Here are some tips that can help you master these quests so you can move on to higher levels:

Install a Leveling Guide Addon or a Quest Helper

Some quests are just simply unforgiving for those characters on low levels. Leveling up can be quite frustrating as well if you don’t know where to go or don’t enjoy grinding story beat mod apk all that much. A good leveling guide mod can greatly assist you even if you’re a newbie player. It will not only guide you in getting some extra experience and gold, but it may also help you in accomplishing that one World of WarCraft quest that you can’t beat.

Learn to Run Away

Dying during a World of WarCraft quest is never a good thing and dying usually happens when you are outnumbered with enemies and don’t know how to fend them off. Always know that enemies are a little dumb and follow exactly the path you walk so by strafing in alternate directions, you can slow down enemy movement so you can out run them. Use that chance in having some of your comrades assist you in battle so you can press forward. Turning on camera flip in the interface options will make it easier since you can see the mobs chasing you.

Check Online for Help

There are plenty of sites and wikis that offer detailed guides through the quests. Try checking out Thottbot for an organized database of different quests available or consult the WowWiki on strategies how to fight the bosses. You can also check out some forums or search around for user-recorded videos of characters accomplishing the quests.