Let us begin our discussion with these mind-stimulating threshold questions: why metric fasteners have become very popular in the market today? And why a lot of companies in various industries preferred ‘metric’ compared to other system unit of measurements?

There are several compelling reasons why it has been so popular in the market today but the main reason is pretty simple – because they are needed by industries that have been rapidly growing in the global scale. And why ‘metric’ fasteners are now preferred over the other measurement units such as ‘imperial unit’? It is simply because metric measurement has become the stardard in the industry.

Metric bolts and nuts, for example, are being used in a number of manufacturing and construction industries with several application trends. Some of these are the following:

Automobile industry – metric bolts and nuts are used to serve the vast sector of the automobile industry. They play a key role for manufacturing as they are known for durability and strength, which is needed for making cars with excellent quality.

Aerospace – apart from the automobile industry, the aerospace industry is another sector that has been benefiting from using metric fasteners as a key component for manufacturing. Particularly, they are used for assembly and parts integration of aircraft as well as spacecrafts – both government and commercial uses. Other aerospace applications for these fasteners include satellites and for International Space Station.lag bolts for wood

Construction – high rise buildings have components that also need the use of metric fasteners, bolts and nuts and this is why the construction is another segment of the industry that is considered as a major market for metric fastener distributors and manufacturers. Aside from building constructions, there are also metric fasteners that are specifically engineered for construction of bridges and other public structures such as transportation facilities (e.g. train stations, subways, etc.)

Agricultural machinery – they are also used for fastening and assembly of farm machinery including customizing tractors components or elements, assembly and disassembly of steering wheel for repair and maintenance.

Appliances – even the ordinary appliances we see in our home – televisions, component – are some examples where fasteners have taken an important used.

So, there we go… I have just given you a few of industry segments where the application of these materials has become a trend. And they are making the metric fastener manufacturing and distribution sectors as one of the busiest and thriving economies.