Is your product or service dressed for success? How your business is packaged is directly related to its overall success in finding and keeping a profitable customer base. The packaging of your brand is one of the most important ways that you showcase your business to your target market and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Achieving the perfect balance of a fully functional, yet eye-catching packaging design is one of the cornerstones of strategic brand packaging.

What does your packaging design say about your business?

For some businesses, packaging design may be cardboard boxing and shipping labels, for another it may be T-shirts and a website, it all depends on the nature and objectives of that business. But no matter what method is utilized for your product packaging, it should properly protect your product while still communicating your company’s uniqueness.

Your product packaging should speak to your audience through its:
o Design/Structure
o Color
o Message
o Creativity

And it should also:

Exemplify your businesses market positioning- custom electronic cigarette Whatever sets your business apart from your competition should be easily identifiable in your product packaging. If you are targeting adults vs children, the thrifty vs. couture, this should be evident in your brand packaging design. Colors, prints, language, and quality of the material used in your product packet can all be used to achieve this goal.

Display a visual representation of your business- There’s no easier way to lose the attention of consumers than by offering packaging designs that do not clearly define what the product is and how it will benefit them. With so many products to choose from, few people will give your product or service more than a mere obligatory glance if you do not create a logo, image, or other graphic to convey who your business is and what you provide.

Reflect the value’s of your customers-Once you’ve identified who your target audience is, you must draw them in and evoke an emotional reaction which will result in a purchase. Making a connection with your customers is the only way to establish a market and to build loyalty. Researching and targeting the habits, lifestyles, opinions, and views of your target audience will make identifying their value’s much easier.

Implementing an innovative packing design is part of your company’s brand management and should be undertaken by packaging design consultants either in-house or from a reputable and accomplished branding or marketing and advertising firm.