After having a baby, many women are disappointed to find that they still carry some extra weight. With so many celebrities slimming right back in to shape, it may make you wonder if there is some super secret to postpartum weight loss that they aren’t sharing. Well, in actuality there are several secrets to losing those extra pregnancy pounds – read on to learn great tips for post baby weight loss.


It’s long been known amongst new mothers that that breastfeeding can make losing the postpartum weight much easier. The concept is simple – when you are breastfeeding, you are still providing nourishment to your baby and as a result, you body uses more calories.

By eating healthy and not going overboard, the extra calories used by feeding baby will work towards slimming you down fast. Also, breastfeeding in the early postpartum weeks can encourage your tummy to have mild muscle contractions that squeeze your stomach muscles back in to shape.

If you can’t breastfeed, don’t worry. There are other ways to encourage weight loss after pregnancy that are healthy for everyone.

Increase Activity to Boost Metabolism

Taking baby for a stroll is not only a good way to get out and around, it’s a good way to add some extra activity to your daily routine.

Even if walking with baby is not possible because of weather, you should find a way to add brief periods of metabolism boosting exercise to your day. 紮肚課程證書 Besides, asking your partner to watch the baby for 15 minutes while you slip out for a bundled up brisk walk is also a great way to clear your head and relax.

Adding simple activity like walking is a great way to speed up your body’s metabolism and encourage weight loss. In order to be effective, you must be consistent. Try for 15 minutes a day or better. Even a small commitment of time can have a huge impact on your body (and self esteem).

Toning Exercises For Trouble Areas

In addition to regular activity, consider adding exercises that are specifically designed to tone tough post baby areas like your tummy and thighs. By targeting specific muscles, you can regain the muscle tone and definition that disappeared over those 9 months.

While these aren’t earth shattering secrets, they are highly effective ways to achieve postpartum weight loss. All it takes is a will to lose the weight and the dedication to commit to 15 minutes a day and you can look just as slim (or slimmer) than you did before baby!