As in the movie ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’, many guys actually are putting the ‘pussy’ on a pedestal. They’re putting it as this out of reach ‘fantasy’ and building up the value so much that they are always thrown off by the real thing because it’s almost ‘untouchable’.

Ironically I was saying these exact things before the movie came out but some of it was also general knowledge. Even in U2’s ‘Achtung Baby’ they were edifying women.

In relational dynamics, we can look at this pedestal mega888 download phenomenon as a Stimulus-Response relationship.

The woman who has the ‘pussyprize’ is the stimulus where the man is the response. He’s drooling, nervous, incongruent, unworthy and so forth because he’s given the concept of pussy so much added value in his fantasy world.

It’s time to take it down to earth. Anytime a woman is the stimulus when it comes to sex, it is the opposite of nature.

Man is supposed to be the stimulus. And women are always the response in mating relationships. That is why they will act differently around different men; woman is the response. She has to be able to know if she can trust a guy and open up to adapt to his reality enough for mating.

But where did this all come from in the first place? Is it the man’s fault for edifying woman so much?
After all, the blame always ends up back with the man. That is a lot of burden to take on especially when it’s powers beyond you that have used you for their agenda (profit).

It all stems from the social matrix itself. Sexploitation and the edification of women has been used to make trillions of dollars for people other than you. But it’s gotten way out of proportion or control unless you really understand the truth of it, it’s effect and your relationship to it.

Hey, I used to put women on a pedestal too back in high school. Coincidentally I didn’t even date in high school. I used to spend so much time edifying the fantasy of women, but in reality it’s actually creepy to women.

Despite the fact that so many of them are upholding this social ideal and expecting to be the stimulus, it’s the greatest irony in existence. Think of it as the ‘big test’ if you will.

The answer isn’t to be a jerk to push them off their pedestal, the answer is to understand the real dynamics and root behavioral characteristics that are going on.

So many guys try to deny that they have put women on a pedestal (because they ARE on that pedestal socially), so it only makes them more internally damaged and they can’t ever do enough techniques to actually become comfortable in their own skin around her.

She’s still on the pedestal when they approach and portraying active disinterest isn’t going to change that. What they have to do is change their entire paradigm of relationship to her in the first place and they have to know, believe and apply that reality at all times.

Man has to be the stimulus and he has to be TRULY independent in relation not just to her, but to the socially leveraged and sexploited powers that she represents.