Hunter Industries manufacturers many types of nozzles that can help you in your home or business landscaping projects. The first step to understanding Hunter nozzles is in comprehending the different “series” of sprinklers, each one appropriate for specific circumstances and featuring its own specialty nozzle.

The first set of Hunter nozzles to consider is the PS series. PS spray sprinklers are known to be easy to install and very precise in their streams. It adjusts with ease so that it can fit a variety of landscapes. The adjustable arc feature (factory installed) allows you to use a variety of patterns, from 1-360 degrees. This means that you can cut down on many other odd-patterned nozzles with the help of a Hunter adjustment wrench. A PS nozzle is the only nozzle you will ever need. Next there is the SRS sprayer series, which is economically designed and allows for more versatility. This sprayer is compatible with many types of individual nozzles or you can use special adjustable nozzles in tandem with SRS.

Aside from these special nozzles you can also get fine-tune nozzles to fit whatever arc you need. Hunters’ Adjustable Arc Nozzles are actually made to cover those difficult “in-between” angles. Hunter nozzles have well-defined and very clean edges. They are made to handle high-pressure water streams as well as low-pressure leaks. These Hunter nozzles can even deter winds from the quickly dispersing water. Hunter nozzles can be set at any angle from 25-360°. Last but not least, these nozzles are color-coded for easy inventory and field ID.

Hunter Industries is the biggest name in landscaping and has consistently outsold its competition ever since the early 1980s. They have a wide selection of nozzles for sale, including the PS series, SRS, Pro Spray, Institutional Spray and even specialty nozzles like the Pop Up Micro Spray Nozzle and the Short Radius Nozzle. Hunter provides solutions for residential and commercial clients and can help you bring a higher quality of performance to your landscaping projects. If you are looking for Hunter nozzles then visit an online retailer or consult the company for an authorized dealer look up.