So you are now planning to install a wooden floor at your home or office. It is obvious that a good floor offers shine and charm to your room. A good floor attracts everybody, be it your guests who are in your home for the first time or your probable customers.

In this article I have presented few reasons for choosing wood floors at your home or office. Before that, let me give you a short introduction of carpets and few reasons for and against carpet flooring.

Carpet is soft, insulating and has sound absorbing capacity. It keeps your room warm which is a plus point during winter. I suggest you to install carpet at your residence if you enjoy being bare foot inside your room.

The major drawback of carpet is that it is extremely hazardous to health. They are dangerous for people who are allergic to dust, dander, fluff, fur, mildew, mold or pollen. They are vulnerable to dust, mites and other allergens that helps in causing sinus and serious breathing problems if you are exposed for a long period. There are natural and eco-friendly forms of carpet but they are highly expensive. carpets and flooring shop Doncaster 

Besides this, the design of the carpet flooring does not last long. Carpet floors also need high maintenance. Most of the carpet comes with loops which may get loose after few years of use. Once it starts getting pulled out, the looks of your carpet will be worst very soon. Replacing it is the only solution.

Now, let me present you an introduction of wooden floors and benefits of installing it.

Wood floors are any timber products used for flooring your home or office. Wooden floors are one of the oldest flooring materials and they never go out of style. It provides unsurpassed beauty and a classic look to your room. People choose wooden floor because they are eco-friendly and durable.

Wooden floors are safe and clean flooring option. Harmful allergens such as dust mites, mold, or dirt cannot hide in wooden floors that contribute to safe and clean living environment. Wooden floors get a little cold during winters but using a high quality are rug can solve the problem.

Unlike carpet, you can easily repair them. They are more expensive than carpet but they need less maintenance and are long-lasting. They also are resistant to stains and spills. But they get easily scratched or damaged in high traffic areas.